Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On Idols & Gods...

It was last year, I was returning home after dropping my daughter at her school, and I was passing through an area, where local artists make 'Ganesha' idols. These artists have been making idols for a long time, and city of Ahmadabad happens to be the largest supplier of idols.

Demand for idols of Ganesha & Devi Amba and Durga Maa increase during Ganesha Chaturthi and Navratri or Durga Puja. However, unsold or unused idols lay in open & dirty spaces for the entire year.

I captured one such idol, which was lying totally unattended, and only after an year, I could write this micro poem.    

...and then
like used and abused humans
your idols too
shall be deprived
love and


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